Piacenza The Place
16 October 2013
Railway infrastructures
16 October 2013
Railway infrastructures
Piacenza is affected by the passage of the main Italian railway lines and the presence of local networks that connect it to the main terminals of international goods and passenger traffic. It is crossed by the electrified double-track railway line and the goods yard in Le Mose is affected by the passage of the high-speed network.

Thanks to the railway yards in Bologna, Milan and Alessandria, Piacenza is connected to the major cities affected by the passage of the Trans-European Corridors I, V and of the axis TEN 24. The Milan – Bologna railway, included in the high-speed line, is the northern part of the north-south trunk line intended to reach Naples. The Turin-Venice route (Corridor V) is meant to represent one of the pillars of the high-speed line.

Distances from the main railway yards and from the terminals of the Trans-European Corridors:
Piacenza - Rotterdam: 14 h
Piacenza - Genoa: 2 h e 10’
Piacenza - Lisboa: 27 h e 30’
Piacenza - Kiev: 27 h
Piacenza - Berlin: 14 h e 30’
Piacenza - Palermo: 15 h e 30’
Piacenza - Bologna: 1 h 10’
Piacenza - Milan: 45’
Piacenza - Alessandria: 1 h
Piacenza - Turin: 2 h
Piacenza - Venice: 3 h
Piacenza - Rome: 3 h 35’
Piacenza - Naples: 5 h e 15’
Piacenza - Lecce: 8 h e 20’

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