Piacenza The Place
28 July 2015
Piacenza per EXPO
28 July 2015
In order to seize the opportunity that Expo Milano 2015 provides and to coordinate the events to promote and value the economic, social and cultural system of Piacenza territory, a Memorandum of Understanding was drawn up on 9th October 2013, between the Public Institutions, Authorities, Banking Institutions, Economic Organizations and Universities, to form “Piacenza for EXPO 2015”; this is a Temporary Association set up for the purpose (ATS), made up of 18 Trade Associations of Piacenza’s Economy, under the guide of the President, Dr Silvio Ferrari.

The ATS project, Piacenza per Expo per Piacenza, involved a team of 50 creative talents, divided into 4 teams, in a workshop to design the layout of Piacenza’s exhibition space in the Italian Pavilion of EXPO Milano 2015.

For the occasion, the Piacenza Campus of the Politecnico di Milano and the Association of Architects in Piacenza took the field together for the first time.