Piacenza The Place
16 October 2013
Highway system
16 October 2013
Highway system
The road network in Piacenza connects the town to the most important hubs of the national transport network and to stop-overs and borders of the trans European routes.

Piacenza is located at the connection of two branches of A1 motorway (Milan – Naples) and A21 motorway (Turin – Brescia). The A21 motorway (Piacenza – Brescia) is an important infrastructure to reach Liguria and Southern Piedmont. The route Milan – Bologna, following the way of the Roman Via Emilia, connects cities that are seats of relevant industrial activities and services.

In Piacenza, the road network connects the town with the route Verona – Modena. It is part of the Corridor I and the natural access to Italy from Germany or Austria. The connection with towns of the Tyrrhenian – Brennero route is relevant and, in theory, it is the shortest way from Central Europe to reach some of the ports on Liguria and Tyrrhenian coast (Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Gioia Tauro). Piacenza is connected to the route Turin – Venice, part of the Corridor V. The route is part of a motorway with three lanes in each direction.

Distances from the principal hub of the national transport network and from the origin/destination poles of trans European corridors:
Piacenza – Rotterdam: 11 h
Piacenza – Genoa: 2 h
Piacenza – Lisboa: 22 h
Piacenza – Kiev: 26 h
Piacenza – Berlin: 12 h
Piacenza – Palermo: 16 h e 30’
Piacenza – Bologna: 2 h
Piacenza – Milan: 1 h
Piacenza – Alessandria: 1 h e 15’
Piacenza – Brescia: 1 h
Piacenza – Turin: 2 h
Piacenza – Venice: 3 h e 20’
Piacenza – Verona: 1 h e 40’
Piacenza – Rome: 5 h e 30’
Piacenza – Naples: 7 h e 15’

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