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17 October 2013
Pipe fittings
17 October 2013
The pipe fittings is a sector with deep historical roots in Piacenza. An outstanding example in Italy and Europe.

In Italy, pipe fittings was born in Emilia Romagna and concentrated in the province of Piacenza, an area that boasts a long tradition in mechanics.
The expansion of this sector is due to the development of the department of guns of Arsenale Regio Esercito di Piacenza, between 1936 and 1939, and to the enhancement of its stocks of raw materials as a result of its reopening after the Second World War.
In the 1950s-60s, several circumstances led to the development of new business realities and to the consolidation of the pre-existing ones.
The oil and gas research started in the river Po Valley, thanks to Enrico Mattei, and the discovery of a oilfield in Cortemaggiore, in the province of Piacenza, boosted the construction of the pipeline required to transport such materials. In particular, in 1952, in Fiorenzuola, the largest degasification plant in Europe to transport natural gas through pipelines was opened.
Even in the events related to the energy sector, it is possible to identify a further boost to the development of pipe fittings in Piacenza.

In Piacenza, there are 15 companies manufacturing seamless welding fittings. Moreover, there are also two important companies, whose headquarters are set in Piacenza. The fittings production represents a significant element of complex projects whose ultimate goals may be very different: they can be related to the construction and the maintenance of nuclear power plants, to oil extraction and refineries, to transport and storage of gas and fluids. Fittings are used also in the mechanical sector and the building industry.
These producers operate on a global scale. Once more, in this sector, the development of human capital and its expertise is of crucial importance.

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