Piacenza The Place
16 October 2013
16 October 2013
The logistics in Piacenza: a “net” built up by 5 poles, chosen as an optimal settlement by the main Italian and European players.

The logistic poles in Piacenza are set in Le Mose, Castel San Giovanni, Cortemaggiore-Monticelli, Pontenure and Fiorenzuola. They have their headquarters in the province of Piacenza and cover 5 million sq.m. surface. They are at the crossway of two important motorways, the A1 and A21, which across the province.
The logistic Pole in Le Mose was born in Piacenza in 1997. The starting nucleus was characterized by the settlement of important entrepreneurial subjects. Later, thanks to the settlement of an important real estate company, Generali Properties, two lots of warehouses were built and further expansion actions were planned.

The Logistic and Transport division has an important influence on the local entrepreneurial and occupational structure.
Currently, we can count more than 1000 local units and almost 7000 employees in Piacenza.
The main sectors are electronics, wood products and chemicals.
60% of the incoming goods are from Italy, 30% from the European Union and 10% from the Far East.

The role of Local Authorities has been crucial for the growth of the sector. The development of high value-added activities connected to intermodality, advanced services, communication technologies and initiatives of excellence in the research, knowledge and training fields has contributed radically to qualify Piacenza as an integrated logistic platform.
In 2004 ITL (Institute on Transports and Logistic) was born, in order to coordinate the research and training activities and to provide enterprises and Public Administration with strategic services in the sector of logistics and transports.

ITL – Monitoraggio del sistema Logistica e Trasporto della provincia di Piacenza (2011)
LEL – I sistemi territoriali locali della Logistica e del Trasporto merci: esperienze di Arco Latino a confronto (2011)