Piacenza The Place
26 September 2013
Academic education
26 September 2013
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Piacenza since 1952

Politecnico di Milano, in Piacenza since 1996

In these two university branches:
3000 students enrolled for academic year 2010/2011
60% of these students come from other provinces
13th Italian university branch for capability of attracting students
8 Bachelor Degree courses
7 Master’s Degree courses
1 five-year combined bachelor’s/master’s degree
1 Double Degree course – first two-year period in Piacenza and second two-year period at one of the partner universities of Europe programme.
6 Postgraduate Courses/Specializing Masters
2 Ph.D. Schools

G. Nicolini Conservatory

Bachelor Degree Course in Nursing and Physiotherapy

Corporate University

Studying in Piacenza: boarding school network

Education programmes structured on faculties of Agriculture, Economics and Law, Science Education.

Bachelor Degree courses
Law and Economics of banks and financial institutions
Business Economics
Science Education
Agriculture science and technology
Food science and technology

Master’s Degree courses
Business Management
Pedagogical Planning in services for minors
Agriculture science and technology
Food science and technology

Five-year combined master’s degree

International Degrees – Double Degree Programme
International Management
Two years in Piacenza and two years at one of the partner universities of Europe programme (France, Germany, Great Britain, Nederland, United States and Mexico).
Agriculture and food economics (Cremona branch)
Master of Science (MSc) in Agricultural and Food Economics with one year at Wageningen University (Nederland)

Postgraduate Masters
Food identity (European typical products)
MIM – International Management
MUMAT – territorial marketing
Public Governance & Management
SMEA - Master of Science in agricultural and food economics (Cremona branch)
VINTAGE – European and international viticulture and oenology

Ph.D. Schools
Agrisystem – Ph.D. School for agricultural system
Ph.D. School of Economic Policy
Education provided by Università Cattolica
Public and Private Centres of Research and Development

Education programmes structured on faculties of Industrial Engineering and Architecture.

Bachelor Degree Courses
Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Architecture

Master’s Degree Courses
Mechanical Engineering

Five-year combined international master’s degree
Energy Engineering for an Environmentally Sustainable World
Architecture (Sustainable Architecture of Multi-Scale Project)

Education provided by Politecnico di Milano

It is the biggest conservatory of the first circle around Milan, with a teaching body who numbered in the past the tenor Gianni Poggi, the orchestra leader and musicologist Alberto Zedda and the violinist Fabio Biondi.
It issues certificates of first and second level.
It organises courses of basic music education, seminars and master classes held by internationally renowned musicians.
It counts 600 enrolled students and 10% of them come from abroad.
Education provided by Conservatory

The Degree course in Nursing and Physiotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Parma is held at the Tutor Spa (Orientation, Education and Culture).
In 2007, the Public-service corporation Usl of Piacenza and Tutor signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of a combined action of programming and management of formative interventions.
Education provided by Degree Course in Nursing and Physiotherapy

Centre of Education Cariparma - Crédit Agricole
In 2009, Piacenza has been chosen by Cariparma as location for its Centre of Education in the range of a complex project of human capital support. The educational paths have been made in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
Site Cariparma - Crédite Agricole

Eni Corporate University
It organises and manages, through the Scuola Mattei, the Master of Arts in Management and Energy and Environmental Economics (MEDEA).
It promotes and develops agreements with national and international academic institutions and external bodies of education for the promotion of systems of Knowledge Management.
It has its operations headquarters in Cortemaggiore (PC).
ENI Corporate University

University students in Piacenza can benefit from facilities offered by the boarding school network and by other partner structures.
These structures are managed by EDUcatt, the Body for the Right to the Academic Study of Università Cattolica or by other Religious Institutes.
Boarding school network

LEL - L’impatto economico e sociale dell’università nel territorio. Il caso di Piacenza in Piacenz@ Economia, Lavoro e Società (2012)
Websites of the mentioned educational structures