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14 October 2013
14 October 2013
The agribusiness represents an important local productive vocation. The leading branches are three: the dairy industry, the meat processing industry and the fruit and vegetable processing industry (in particular the tomato processing sector).

The dairy industry
The dairy sector, strong point of the local agriculture, is constituted by 24 enterprises, 33 local units and 390 employees. The division, characterized by international leading companies and some Grana Padano PDO cooperatives, is characterised by a strong positioning towards the mass distribution and by a good inclination towards investment and innovation.
The enterprises have got more competitive and have achieved production targets of excellence, with significant increases in terms of turnover and profitability.
As far as the concentration of a relevant number of the members, a fundamental role is carried out by the APL consortium. The production of Grana Padano is without any doubt the most important activity; companies develop a mix of strategies (independent maturing, quality of the product in terms of both, intrinsic characteristics and service components, relationship with the modern distribution and/or with specialized retailers, etc…) that lead to market success.

The cured meat chain
The cured meats branch is constituted by 43 enterprises, 45 local units and 600 employees. This activity has a long tradition, culminated with the recognition of 3 PDO (Coppa piacentina, Pancetta piacentina, Salame piacentino). In the last years, the investments of enterprises have been devoted to the valorization of PDO cured meats and to innovations of functional processes, particularly to the export and to the mass distribution. Future plans will be mostly addressed to introduce innovative products, as far as the services to final consumers are concerned. The more significant production and commercial strategies are those adopted by the largest cured meats factories, which almost the entire PDO production is based on.

The fruit and vegetables chain (especially tomato)
The fruit and vegetable industry branch is constituted by 15 enterprises, 20 local units, more than 600 employees and, in the last five years, the turnover and the profitability of the invested capital increased sensitively. The tomato processing industry, which is a sector where Piacenza is a leader, has seen a strong propensity to investment over the last three years. It is a symptom of a marked dynamism in a sector that requires considerable investments. Actions have been mostly focused on process innovations and have permitted to reach productive results of high excellence. The Consortium of commercialization represents a valid support to enterprises in order to face the market challenges.

The wine chain
The wine market is growing fast, thanks to the increasing request of high quality wines. The local wineries in Piacenza, in different ways linked to mix of products and positioning strategies, seem to have caught positive signals from the market and to have adapted in terms of commercial structures and strategies. A key role is carried out by some leading companies, that produce high quality wine and whose products and commercial strategies can be a driving force for the whole local sector.

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